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Seminars and Workshops

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  • Lower Cholesterol Naturally
  • Defeat Hypertension
  • Goodbye Heart Disease
  • Stomp Out Diabetes
  • Stress and Anxiety Relief
  • Loose Weight Now
  • Overcoming Your Twisted Thinking
  • Health For Success (Optimize Brain Function)
  • 8 Simple steps to Beautiful Skin
  • 8 Simple Ways to Detox Daily
  • 3 Secrets for Taking Control of Your Health and Life
  • Goodbye Digestive Aches and Pain
  • Healthy Eating Made Simple
  • Secret to Overcoming Depression and Sadness
  • ​How to Quench the Fire Inside: (Reduce Inflammation)
  • Super Immunity: Naturally protect yourself against cold, flu, and other infectious diseases

We offer a range of other seminar topics such as, Fibroids, Cancer, Allergies and more.  Please contact us for more information.

These lectures are based on the latest scientific research and Biblical health principles. Our goal is to make our lectures so simple and engaging that even a child can understand and implement these simple principles.