A few years ago I went to my primary doctor and was told I was pre-diabetic and that I needed to take metformin. I reached out to Akhimie and immediately she began working with me. I followed a healthy diet and began to exercise. I went from a size 16 to size 12. When I went back to my doctor, she was impressed. She told me I was no longer pre-diabetic and no need to start taking the medication. It was not just about losing weight, it was a life style change. This was not possible without the help of the Lord.

Vida M.

What I appreciate the most about Akhimie is her passion and commitment to her clients’ well- being. Akhimie helped me to boost my immune system and to improve my overall health. She is warm, caring, dedicated and enjoys serving others. She is, indeed, a blessing. 

Louise G.

I had 5 coaching sessions with Akhimie and it was amazing! She has an incredible ability to listen and I felt she really heard and acknowledged me. During our sessions, we found out some things that were blocking me mentally from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She was able to give me tips on how to adjust my habits to make better choices. I will continue to spread the word. 

Tiwanna J.


I was feeling very sluggish and not taking any me time. I began working out with Dwayne and the first couple of times, I was unable to do a pushup or a squat without feeling pain. As I continued to work out with him I became more flexible and toned. I  now have more energy and look forward to working out. 

Vida M.

Dwayne was an inspiration to me on my fitness and exercise journey. Not only did he show me exercises to do on a daily basis but also talked to me about what I ate. During our time I lost 10lbs and was feeling the best I had ever after having a baby.  

Renee C.